How to Troubleshoot WiFi and Internet Connection on Straight Talk Hotspot

Troubleshooting your Straight Talk Hotspot is fairly straight forward. There are a few key items you need to check if you are having trouble connecting from your computer to your Straight Talk Hotspot. By default, your hotspot is preconfigured with basic settings that will allow you to connect right out of the box. Here are some common symptoms with items to check.

1. If you not see your hotspot as an available wireless network:

  • Check your hotspot and make sure the WiFi signal is turned on. This can be done rather easily by checking the center display. If the blue W is not on, then the WiFi from your hotspot is turned off and will not bee seen by the computer. To turn it on, locate the WiFi button on the left hand side and hold it down for a second or two until the light comes on.


2. You are connected to your hotspot but you have no internet or you see a Limited or No Connectivity error.

  • The first thing to check is to see if you can connect to your hotspot. You can do this by opening a browser screen and entering in the address bar, you do not need to enter http or anything else.  You should be prompted by a username and password. Enter admin for the username and 12$(last 3 digits of your serial number found on back). For example, 12$123 if your sn ends in 123. You will see the UMX page below if your hotspot is working properly. Check your WiFi connection as explained above if you are not getting this page.sec3-hp
  • If you are getting the page above, then check the signal icons on the hotspot.
    • Check to be sure signal icon is either yellow or green. Red means bad signal which means you may not be able to connect to the internet. Move your hotspot near a window to get better connectivity.
    • Check the blue M icon on the bottom right hand side. This icon should be SOLID, a blinking M means your carrier connectivity is turned off. or your hotpot is not activated properly. Press the 3G button to turn it on, if it keeps blinking then your hotspot is not activated properly.
    • Before calling Straight Talk customer support, try to perform the setup again by going to the Status tab and clicking the Update PRL link and the Reactivate link.

    hp-display-2 hp-status


  •  If you are not getting the Admin page above or if your computer says Limited or No Connectivity, then check to see if your computer is connecting to your WifFi hotspot properly.
    • To check this go to your start menu and type  cmd in the Run box on Windows XP or cmd in the search box on Windows 7 and hit enter.  If on Windows XP, you will get a black box on Windows 7, click the cmd program you will now get a black box.
    • In the black box type ipconfig then enter. This will give you a series of numbers. Check the IPV4 Address, if you have a 169.x.x.x number, then this means your computer is not connecting properly. Restart the computer and try again.
    • You can also try typing ipconfig/renew in the same black box as above.


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  1. Trying to update the sims game, but my hotspot will run for a while and then it shuts down, i am at 88% now and i am wondering why it keeps shuting down on me thank you

    • It may not be shutting down. It has been my experience that the lights shut off after a bit but the hotspot is on.

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