Straight Talk Wireless Hotspot UniMax U240C

straight-talk-unimax-hotspotA Straight Talk Hotspot? You may be wondering what this hockey puck looking thing might be? The answer is, it’s a prepaid wireless hotspot!  This little device lets you access the internet anywhere there is CDMA cell phone coverage, whether it be from home or on the road.

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The way the hotspot works if you’re not familiar with them is quite simple. It receives 3g data just like a regular smartphone does from the carrier. In this case, the hotspot will be activated by Straight Talk using either Sprint or Verizon.

When the hotspot is on, you simply connect to it just like you would to your home WiFi.  One thing to keep in mind is that it will not be as fast as your home WiFi though since the incoming 3g data is nowhere near as fast as what your internet provider gives you at home. Another thing to point out is that this is not a 4g LTE device so speeds will not be as fast as the later generation of 4g smartphones. That said, this device is perfect for connecting to the internet to do casual browsing in areas where there is no WiFi available.


There’s not much by way of specifications to be concerned about on this Straight Talk hotspot. Here are the main highlights.

  1. The hotspot is CDMA so Straight Talk would activate it using either Sprint or Verizon. This will not work with GSM service so Straight Talk would not activate it with AT&T/Tmobile.
  2. Data speeds from the carrier is of the 3g variety so it’s fairly fast. Again, data will be delivered using either Sprint or Verizon.  To get an idea of how fast 3g is, it is basically the same speed as most average smartphones out there. This does not support 4g LTE so it will not be as fast as most newer higher end smartphones. I would expect for there to be a 4g device later on.
  3. Wifi to your device(s) is delivered using 802.11b/g speeds. This means that it delivers up to 54 mbits  per second. Now don’t worry if you don’t know what that is because essentially this is the equivalent to the same speeds you would have on your home WiFi. This is more than enough for cellular band Hotspot considering the cellular data received from the carrier is nowhere near that speed.
  4. The device supports up to 5 users connected simultaneously.

Dimensions and Weight

The hotspot is very small. It measures just 2.95″ square and is just about 1/2″ thick. The weight is just about 3 oz. This device is much smaller than your typical smartphone so it can be taken just about anywhere.

  • 2.95″x2.95″x.5″
  • 3oz


38 comments on “Straight Talk Wireless Hotspot UniMax U240C

  1. Will this also work with my laptop as well as smartphone? And tablet? I am having issues with current wifi carrier ATT.
    Thank you, Judy

      • Something is up with my device because I keep getting a limited connection (therefore that is really no connection). It works for awhile at first, then it goes to limited and never connects again. I took it back and exchanged it for a new one, and I get the same problem. What do you think it is before I take this thing back.

  2. I am trying to set up the mobile hot spot with a 4 G data plan I purchased from Walmart. I want to use it on my iPhone and ipad. I am from canada and am travelling, but cannot seem to register it on the link you provided. Can you help please

  3. How do i get the hotspot to connect to the internet? I just purchased a hotspot. Activated it, called Straightalk because it wouldn’t connect. I make it as far as entering the and it never loads. My connetion to the hotspot says Limited Connectivity and it will not load that page. Does my computer need a different configuration or something?

    • If you cannot get the to load then your computer is not connecting is not even connecting to the hotspot. Try turning the hotspot off and back. Also try disabling any other WiFi connections before connecting to the hotspot. The only thing I can think of is another wireless device interfering with your hotspot connectivity. This can happen if another wireless device is in the same ip range of 192.168.1.x.

  4. Umm……. ya, so I bought this, and I got it hooked up.. The only problem is it won’t stay on unless it is plugged in via usb/through wall?? I just press the power button and it goes off within a minute.. Anyone else notice this?

    • I have not had that experience…if the device will not hold a charge, nor will it operate with power unless plugged directly into a wall socket…it is without a doubt defective.

  5. Forgot password for hotspot- then reset hotspot to default and now I can’t access my Chromebook and Ddon’t know how to reconfigure security settings or access my computer?Can anyone explain what to do?

  6. My straight talk hotspot keeps kicking me off and I use it for gaming and I can pay with no problem fir about an hour then it signs me out and it’s very irritating any way to fix it

    • You need to go in and change your network key timing(not sure those are the exact terms). You are timing out. When you first got your device it was set at 0. I found a site that suggested I set it at 3600. So,I did. How this helps

  7. Thinking of getting a hotspot. But I am clueless on how many GB I need to purchase with it. I just need it for my laptop and possibly some for my gaming device. Any ideas how to judge??

    • When I have used the device for casual browsing and average gaming, I have found the 2gb to be sufficient, tho a little tight…Personally, I think this was done on purpose, since I seem to repeatedly land on that same “time to spend more money” mark. But, our usages may be far different…but I do consider myself a fairly average guy with average GB needs.;-)

  8. Ive had my hotspot for just over a month and bought the 5gig card which is good for 60 days and i still got 4329mb unused and for some reason my device is now saying no internet access. It don’t matter where i am at it still says that. And i got plenty of signal on my cell phone with them so i know it’s not that. Does anybody got any ideals what it could be or to check?

  9. I purchased a new desktop computer from Walmart the same day I bought the hotspot. I tried to set this all up but unsuccesful. I called straighttalk to set it up and the lady was hard to understand and couldnt walk me through what was needed. She told me I need to go to a site, but my computer isnt letting me log onto the internet at all to set it up. It is not reading the hotspot at all. Anyone else have issues with hooking it up to a desktop? Do I need additional chords? How do I get the computer to look for a wifi? It tells me non is detected. I already activated the time for this but its been a few days of trying to figure it out and can not.

  10. I am having huge problems connecting my hotspot. The website and phone number only deal with straight-talk phones, which I do not have. Can someone please help me?

    • The customer service calls are all routed to the same call centers. Call the Straight Talk customer service and they will either help you or transfer you to someone who can.

    • Good Luck with the call center, took 15 times before I could talk to a human. I loved it at first, you have to turn it on , turn on computer and in web link type enter , wait and it will take you to UBX site where you follow info on serial # card that came with hot spot,

  11. I bought a 4gb over phone on credit card, they only added 1gb of services to my phone when I went online to check balance, when I finally got through to them , they had to go back in and fix it , but now I have no way of knowing if they actually added it, it keeps saying wait 4 hours to check balance, its been over 48 hours and still I cant access to see if they actually gave me what I paid for, then they will just say I used it all, not I will post this all over internet if they don’t fix it

  12. I am having the same issue as Michael Sanders…I bought the hotspot, activated it, with a 5GB card and used for one month. STILL have 4329mb left. Not a happy camper!!! This needs to be resolved.

  13. Nothing but trouble. Spend the extra $ and get a AT&T or something that will actually work, support that actually can solve issues
    I have been unhappy with it since day one, but I have had it today, it won’t work, the web site load and support says we won’t return it

  14. I bought the Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot last week. I was routed through 3 departments at Straight Talk customer service, finally got someone who barely had a grasp on the english language, answered a few questions and she said it was activated. Tried without success to use it… no service. Came home and tried to go to the web site…asked for user name and password… put in “admin” + 12$*** kicks it out and asks for the information again. eventually it wouldn’t even load that page. VERY frustrated! $100.00 investment and it doesn’t work. Can’t return it since I no longer have receipt or packaging it came in. Any suggestions short of throwing it into traffic????

  15. My straight talk U240C hotspot needs a driver my computer says it don’t reconize it. anyone can help I would be greatly apperacite it

    • Sounds like you are connecting the USB port directly to your computer. This device will not work via USB port for anything other than charging. This is strictly WiFi which does not need a driver and will work just like any other Wifi device.

  16. Too much trouble. Unreliable. No ENGLISH speaking tech support. JUST BAD! Replaced last one already and new one is dead too. Not reliable. Might go try Verizon. My Straight Talk phone service is great, but this SUCKS!

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