How to Enable Security on Straight Talk Hotspot Device

Enabling your WiFi security is one of the few configurations you have to perform on the Straight Talk Hotspot device.  The security does not come enabled by default so you will need to this after you have completed activating your device. Here is how to enable the security option.

1. Begin by powering on and connecting to your hotspot device. To do so using windows, click the wireless signal icon and select your hotspot. Your hotspot name will be UMX$(the last 3 digits of serial number here). For example, if your serial number ends with 123, your hotspot will show as UMX$123. You can find this on the back of the device labeled SSID.


2. Enter into your browser address bar. You will be prompted for username and password for the admin page. The default username is admin and the password is 12$(last 3 of your serial number). If your serial number ends with 123, then your password is 12$123.


3. Your browser will now connect to the admin page like the one below.


4. Click the WiFi tab to go the the Security Settings. In the WiFi Security section,

  • select WPA2-PSK for the Security Type
  • select TKIP for WPA Algorithms if not already selected
  • Enter your desired password in the WPA Key section. This can be anything you want so long as it is between 8 and 63 characters. WRITE THIS DOWN or remember this because you will need this to connect to your Hotspot in the future.
  • Leave Group Rekey Time as 0
  • Click the Apply button.


Your hotspot will now restart and will be security enabled. You will need the password the next time you connect to it.

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  1. Forgot password for hotspot after setup reset h- spot to default and now forgot settings and password and can’t access my Chromebook although I do remember password.How do I reconfigure setup.

  2. I’m having problems with my username and password to set my Wi-Fi Access Security Key I keyed in admin for username and 12$218 for password what I’m I doing wrong call or text me at 601 400 1772.

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