How to check Straight Talk Hotspot Balance

You can check your Straight Talk Hotspot balance in one of two ways.


Method #1

1. While connected to the hotspot, load the admin page on your browser by entering on your browser.

2. You will be prompted for a username and password, enter admin for the username and 12$XXX where XXX is the last 3 digits of your SSID found on the back of the hotspot.

3. Once the admin page loads, click the Status tab.

4. Click the Check Balance link. This will connect to and show you your balance.

Method #2

1. Go to

2. Click on the See Balance link on the upper right hand side.

3. Enter your Hotspot MDN (this is your hotspot’s phone number) in the “Straight Talk Phone Number” box and your last 4 digits of your Hotspot’s serial number. You can follow these instructions to get your Hotspot’s MDN number. Alternatively, while on the Straight Talk web page, you can logon to your account using the Login link.

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